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As far as I can assertain you do not have Amatzu Treatment in the USA. In one of the statements written by “Angiemm”he or she reported that the use of Vick’s Vapour rub (usually used for a cold) helped greatly and I tried it, and yes it did help, and the itching stopped for several hours. Try it. The most important thing is to exfoliate and above all keep ur arms moisturized all day long applying many times, it really does work that and keeping ur arms covered. WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT THE DRUG MY GP PRESCRIBED. “AMITRIPTYLIN” was without doubt the help I needed – yes I know, drugs – I don’t want to take drugs ever but you know what, I can’t live with this terrible terrible itching and pain. I may have to stay on the drug for a few years, in the hope that the way medicine is going they will find some help for all of us in the BRP family. Quality of life wins over length of time every time. I hope one or two of my suggestions will help at least one person, particularly exfoliating moisturing and covering ur arms with long sleevs. The very best of luck.

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i can’t stand fabric on my arms

Thanks for the tips.

I found temporary relief with Biofreeze- 4%?menthol but got tired of the smell.

Now I am staying moisturized with natural creams with Shea butter and colloidal oatmeal and am experimenting with essential oils.

Most importantly I am getting some relief- significant- with PT- manual and automatic cervical neck traction. Going to a cranial sacral massage therapist tomorrow and on 12/13 I am going to a PT who used cranial sacral therapy as one of many treatment modalities.

Last my PT, said to use a dry wash cloth on the area and rub it lightly – she said since the skin is so hypersensitive, it is helpful to desensitize it. She also said to try a vibrating sensation on it as well.

In short, I feel like the need to itch has drastically decreased and I am only just getting started with these treatments. Hopingcto eliminate nighttime icepacks; and certainlyvto get rid of this. Next summer, I will NOT be in the sun. I spent more time in the sun by the pool then I ever have this summer- since it was so hot outside. Never realized these would be the consequences. While I noticed some arm itching towards the end of summers – nothing so debilitating as this time. I used to put hydrocortisone on periodically and didn’t obsess about it because it was so random. This 24/7 stuff has got to stop!