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There are two FB Groups in BP. i have tried everything. Atlas chiro. only thing left for me is diet and the Amastsu. no here in NJ knows what that is at all

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Amatzu is a very very old Japanese treatment – the practitioner works on pressure points on the body starting at ur head and finishing at the feet. For example my friend told me she had bad pains going from her lower back down her leg, I recommended that she should go for Amatzu treatment and she was told it was her jaw being out of line which was causing the pain, she had 3 visits and never looked back. It’s an excellent treatment for the whole body. Google it.

on FB there seems to be so many BP groups; can't seem to find the one for brachio-radial pruritis

As far as I can assertain you do not have Amatzu Treatment in the USA. In one of the statements written by “Angiemm”he or she reported that the use of Vick’s Vapour rub (usually used for a cold) helped greatly and I tried it, and yes it did help, and the itching stopped for several hours. Try it. The most important thing is to exfoliate and above all keep ur arms moisturized all day long applying many times, it really does work that and keeping ur arms covered. WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT THE DRUG MY GP PRESCRIBED. “AMITRIPTYLIN” was without doubt the help I needed – yes I know, drugs – I don’t want to take drugs ever but you know what, I can’t live with this terrible terrible itching and pain. I may have to stay on the drug for a few years, in the hope that the way medicine is going they will find some help for all of us in the BRP family. Quality of life wins over length of time every time. I hope one or two of my suggestions will help at least one person, particularly exfoliating moisturing and covering ur arms with long sleevs. The very best of luck.