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WOW! What a relief to find this! I had to diagnose myself from research on the internet, since most docs are clueless, and don't even know to refer or who to refer to. I think the last four years of posts on here cover about every possible treatment out there.....

Only relief for me has been icepacks and Biofreeze. Over the years, I have purchased mostly cortisone but also various anti-itch creams, natural creams, etc., however it wasn't until this fall that I realized there is more to this than the skin. My research revealed the terms brachial radial pruritis, neurogenic itch, etc. I am not keen on drugs or meds so I am trying acupuncture. I just convinced my doc (that I am leaving) to order spinal xrays. They revealed the narrowing at the C5-6, some entrapment, etc. I am skeptical of chiropractors but the ones that specialize in the neck, the NUCCA ones that know what they are doing, might be worth a try. I checked out the Amazon neck devices and there are so many - those inflatable ones look uncomfortable, compared to some of the other similar ones - so not yet sure what to try. I like the natural routes so I wanna look into the doterra stuff - the Deep Blue, the DDR and the Copaiba Oil.

Since my life has finally slowed down quite a bit and I have the time to think more deeply about this, I do remember that the end of the summers were always triggered the itching - I only get it on my upper arms, bilaterally, shoulders to above elbows only. Then it seems it would just go away, but this time I spent more time in the sun that usual, not realizing it would later turn into this. I never had to use ice packs before, never that bad.

In any event, I am at the point now, after 3 months of this, that I need to find a solution so I have been relentless in this online research and am paying out of pocket for acupuncture that I may stop. I have had about 4 treatments with one doc and two with another. I think the one that I have had the 4 with is better and he feels that it will take 10-12 treatments, but I am just not too sure about it all. At first I thought it might be the miracle cure, but not so sure now.

Going to speak with my physical therapist tomorrow and give her all the low down, to determine best exercises and neck device. Then I would like to consider a NUCCA chiropractor or the Japanese Amatsu.

I have moved to a more holistic lifestyle in the last three years, more plant based, sugar limited to Stevia 98% of the time, etc. I am semi-retired now and am also part of a centering prayer group. I do believe that what we eat and how we de-stress is critical. I also cut out med's - stopped the Lexapro, and the Lisinopryl. I was basically borderline HBP and find I don't really need it now. As for the Lexapro, same thing, or else I am just treatment resistant. In any event neither of them are worth the money or the side effects. I prefer to live presecription - drug free.

It is pointless to scratch, because it only makes it worse, so it is better to keep hydrated with lotion, and then when unbearable, apply the Biofreeze or the icepacks. But the constant and then fluctuating sensations of burning and stinging are a major life disruption and I find myself a bit on the OCD side to get this resolved. From what I have read, many have it far worse and I don't see now they have lived with it for soooo long.

My mother-in-law was over radiated from treatment for skin cancer on her legs and she has been complaining of itching on her legs but then sometimes she claims it is everywhere. Initially I thought it might be the radiation that damaged her nerve endings, at least in her legs, but not really too sure now. Maybe the neuropathy came from the over radiation.....in any event, I can pass this information on to her. She might benefit from that gabapentine drug - as she isn't weird about medications like I am.

BTW - I couldn't find the FB page that you all referred to. I saw a few FB pages related to BRP but none looked like it was like this, but more linked to someone promoting their services. There seems to be much more information here.

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There are two FB Groups in BP. i have tried everything. Atlas chiro. only thing left for me is diet and the Amastsu. no here in NJ knows what that is at all

Look up info from Noeley

Go to brain and nervous system. next page press on BRP