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Yes, I too have " moderate to severe disc space narrowing and anterior osteophytosis at C5-C6. I have been experiencing the sting/burn/ itch for many, many years. It started on my neck and on really bad years (during summer and into fall) such as this one, has spread to my elbow area on my right arm and to my wrist on the left arm. It seems to be mostly at the area around the joints (neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist). It took me years of searching the internet to come up with my diagnosis, which was later confirmed by a dermatologist. I have also been diagnosed with MCTD and the rheumatologist prescribed gabapentin 300mg at night. This helped last year to make it bearable, but certainly didn't eliminate the itch altogether. This is a very small dose and I'm wondering a couple of things….number one, what dose has been effective for others? And….is this more common in those of us who also have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes arthritic problems? I know the feeling of wanting to rip off my skin, or have a shirt with sleeve inserts made of freezer gel packs, or wanting to smash my head thru the wall being driving mad with itching. Talk about something that interferes with "quality of life"!!! Is there anything that actually "cures" this?? One wonders how many people with or without a mental illness may have been diagnosed as being delusional after complaining about feeling like there were bugs crawling under their skin, that may have actually had BRP. I usually describe it as feeling like the "Backwoods Off" commercial where the guy puts his arm in a screened box full of mosquitoes and they swarm all over his arm. Too bad "Backwoods Off" does't work for this….sigh. The only thing that works for me is ice (and the Gabapentin takes the edge off, usually). The areas of my joints also are much warmer to the touch than the rest of my skin with some redness and mild swelling. It's awful! What medical specialty deals with this problem….rheumatology? neurology? orthopaedics? I do know that dermatology doesn't, as it's not really a skin disorder. I'm so discouraged….

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I empathize with your BRP and I've had this problem for three years now. I've tried every remedy and only Gabapentin capsules have provided any relief. It took over a week of dosing before it finally took effect, but it completely relieved the maddening itching and I was finally able to get some sleep.

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