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For all suffers…may I suggest Clove oil…it deadens the nerves at least for me. Doctors dont know or care what causes this disease. Ive given up trying. I refuse to take there very dangerous drugs and those that do so need to proceed with caution, understanding that this is so maddening you dont really care and all you think about is relief. I have lumbar and cervical spine issues..I am also convinced that I have an autoimmune disease of some sort but cant find a Doctor knowledgeable in these either..It is a never ending battle and this disease has truly ended my life.

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You are so right about doctors not understanding autoimmune problems – but there is good news for you – contact a qualified NUTRITIONIST WHO WILL order all the necessary tests and then they treat you. Make sure the NUTRITIONIST has the correct qualiying degree. Doctors study how to manage medical problems AND PRESCRIBE
DRUGS which takes the pain away T. G. , but few Doctors know how to find out the cause of the problem and treat The cause. Nutricianist do know and most importantly they are not involved in any way with drug companies. Food is a huge part of the treatment and guess what “IT WORKS”, Remember not a DIETICIAN they are HAPPY TO RECOMMEND DRUGS. I have an autoimmune problem,one piece of advice I was given was to stay free of gluten (No I am not celiac) Nutritionist arrange blood tests you may never have heard of. Hope this helps.

Don’t be so sad – please take my advice and go to a nutritionist who will arrange for the immune tests to be carried out – they never prescribe drugs they are only interested in what is causing the problem and then to help u to get well. I have BRP and an autoimmune problem which does not like gluten but loves probiotic and
Prebiotics I find Nutritionist fantastic unlike doctors they want to find the cause and they arrange tests that doctors never even mention.

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