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Squamous Cell Cancer of head and neck

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Hola @hei. Feel free to respond in Spanish. It will be automatically translated for English speakers and vice versa.

It is common to have radiation 5 days a week and weekends off. It sounds like radiation has been recommended to make sure to kill any invisible cancer cells that may not have been removed by surgery. The length of time between surgery and radiation may differ from patient to patient.

If you would like to request an appointment for your father, you can do it online using this form in Spanish https://onlineservices.mayoclinic.org/NewAppointments/?v=int

Here is additional information in Spanish about Mayo Clinic's International Services: https://www.mayoclinic.org/es-es/departments-centers/international

May I ask what country he lives in? How is he doing?

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Hi! Thank you so much for answering and also to @sammy15
My dad is still waiting for the radiotherapy treatment. it was suppose to start on July 4th, but the doctor recommended starting an antibiotic treatment first because he had a little redness in the inside part of the wound in one area. He said that is because is not healed 100 percent yet. He needs to go for a follow-up this coming Friday (July 8) also he started getting a medication through veins (it is a monoclonal antibody) that will be combined with the radiotherapy treatment. This monoclonal antibody will be subministered to him every Friday for 6 Fridays. He currently lives in Cuba. And we decided he needs to start the treatment there because it will take too much time for him to start treatment here in the US. and delaying this is not a good idea. He is doing fine right now, his surgery wound looks healthy, no pain. Will update as soon as he start radiotherapy. side effects, etc.
Thank you for everything. 🙂