Squamous Cell Cancer of head and neck

Posted by carolynswebb @carolynswebb, Feb 7, 2017

Does anyone know of a treatment for squamous cell cancer stage IV? My son is 47 and was given weeks to live but he is still active and now outlived the weeks by months. His treatments have stopped as the oncologists said they have given him radiation and 3 different forms of chemotherapy including immunotherapy.

Welcome Carolyn,
Please meet @mrsjhagen18 who has squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil and @lzzie who has squamous cell carcinoma of base of tongue. Also meet @sylviapf @lisa_sj99 @loli @alpaca and others who are talking about head and neck cancer here:

– Head and neck cancer http://mayocl.in/2eskY6G

Carolyn, have you and your son’s care team looked into possible clinical trials? https://clinicaltrials.gov/

My surgeon was Dr.Jermy Richmond that is now in Boston practice. an excellent surgeon. I had squanous cell carcinoma of the base of the
tongue. In October I was suppose to have more tissue removed but can’t get appointment until the end of March. Hummm.
Dr. Jeremy Richmon phone number and location in Boston is listed on internet. Don’t know if this helps. I am sorry
that you are having to go through this….. We should be able on this site to put our heads together and come up with something.

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