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New to the group.. when you speak of 4 or 5 hour-episode of Afib, does that mean a continuous fast heart rate? I joined this group to understand the difference between Afib and PVCs/PACs. I've read that the treatment is not the same.
I appreciate your thoughts.

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Hi mb28,
Here is a link explaining the different types of arrhythmias.

I have experienced most of them over the past three years - some with symptoms and some without. My AFib episodes are typically fast and can be a short burst during an exercise session or longer (heart rate 100- 170) The Apple Watch flags them as Afib. A Cardiologist or Cardiac Electrophysiologist (EP) interprets the rhythm abnormality on an ECG, Holter or Event Monitor. I see an EP doc. Uncontrolled rhythm disturbances over time can cause heart failure. My heart failure is mild and I continue to work on lifestyle changes by following the guidelines in the book “AFib Cure”. I am getting better and I recently decreased my Flecainide dose. I hope to go back to “pill in the pocket” med dosing.