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Thank you to everyone, I have found this very helpful and supportive! I found this group in December 2017 and I really appreciate hearing from everyone. I have been suffering from BRP for a solid 10 years, I have experienced a one year reprieve (if you will) two times. I really would like to know if this is an autoimmune disease/issue? Have any of you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? I was diagnosed with MS in May of 2014, I asked my neurologist if my BRP symptoms could be an MS issue, (at the time I didn't know about BRP.) He actually looked at me like I was crazy and said there is no way I could have a "rash" seasonally in the same place year after year. I tried to explain that there was no rash just an extreme prickly tingling sensation in my forearms. He interrupted me & explained this is not an MS issue. OK, maybe it's not an MS issue but it is STILL A REAL THING!!! This has to be related to something!!

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I have RA, it is autoimmune. I go to a chiropractor and it has helped a lot. It has something to do with C5 and C6 in your neck, Some chiropractors don't know anything about BRP.

Thank you, I'm looking into it.

Doesn’t it irritate you that the doctors don’t seem to know about this!

I like when I explain the condition to them and I KNOW that they aren’t aware of it but pretend to be!!!

Neither do some MDs

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