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I am replying from almost 10 months ago. I did get retested last fall and it was negative. However, my BMs have never been the same . They have never gone back to what they were before all of this. It is very concerning yet if I continue to worry my anxiety gets the better of me. It seems in the past, I was like most people and would put on weight pretty easily. Thankfully my weight has stabilized but I lose it much faster than I ever remember from before for no apparent reason except that my one BM a day is a lot, even after a year. And since my BMs are never normal I was diagnosed with IBD. It’s not the frequency at all, it is the volume and they are just not normal. The doctor knows all this but no one knows why…I assume my insides got messed up for life. I do not know what else to think. I use probiotics, eat better, drink teas, and attempt to not give in to the anxiety but it is a real struggle. I also clean with bleach a lot more than I ever did before and wash my hands too much probably. Lastly, I am very grateful I was negative after retesting. That is something to be so grateful for and I have to always remind myself to be positive. I hope all those that were kind enough to respond a while ago are doing okay!

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Hang in there it will get better. My BM took over a year to regulate. Keep taking the probiotic and try maybe S. Boulardii for few month it will help and eat fiber. One of the doctor I saw asked me to try Metamucil seems it helps. Drink lots of water and stay away from refined sugar at all costs. I am still gluten free amd dairy free now slowly introducing multigrain bread seems ok so far. Your BM will regulate but it will take time. Good luck!

Hi @catherine1234 . Just want to jump in if that’s ok? Try dialing back on probiotic supplements if you’re comfortable with it. I cut them out completely at 3.5 months post vanco (with doctors advice) and for me, things started changing. Less bathroom trips, brain fog started getting better and stools began to improve. I did incorporate pro and prebiotics from foods, took benefiber and purchased some Banatrol. Recovery, healing, and probiotics are not a one size fits all. I’ve seen many in a couple other groups who had to discontinue probiotic use and it helped tremendously.
Hope things start to level out for you. I definitely agree with @mhi in that for some of us it takes quite some time.