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This discussion about Brachioradial Pruritis is just stunning to me, because I may have slipped into that world myself. My arms itch this December as they did a year ago. The itch also affects my legs (up to about mid-thigh) and my waist and belly. Two dermatologists gave me prescriptions for the same ointment, with instructions to use it sparingly and not ask for more. As an A-fib patient using blood-thinners to prevent blood clots, the scratching to alleviate the itch draws blood spots on both arms and legs.

The dermatologists are unsure of a diagnosis, never mentioned BRP, and asked about humidity in my house. I focused on that, because of the seasonal itching -- starting and worsening as the weather gets cold and my home gets heated with a gas furnace. But humidity is not the problem! I have a good large humidifier on my forced-air heating system. So, the dermatologist asked, whaddaya use as laundry soap to wash your underwear and your socks? He was suggesting a chemical allergy, and I took that as a serious possibility and have used nonallergenic laundry soap since then. But allergy is not the problem! I still itch (although not as intolerably as others in this discussion).

My latest tactic gave me some relief: I scrubbed my arms and legs with a soft wash cloth using nonallergenic bath soap. That gave me one day of relief. I have used moisturizing skin lotion and also got a day or two of relief. My next tactic is a total chemical analysis of our public water supply. Then (if the water seems innocent) long soaks in the tub rather than long showers. I'll keep you posted.

Now for quick read of the material that Kanaaz introduced last Monday.

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Again, BRP does not present with a rash and occurs on the arms

In my case, I haven't experienced a rash. Moreover, a number of research articles on BRP report that, although it originates ordinarily on the arms, it sometimes replicates elsewhere, especially around the belly and on the lower legs. Could this not suggest a link with a neurological problem?

Try clove
Oil mixed with a little water. I believe from all I have read that it is
Nerve endings from your spine and neck and the nerves are attached to ur arms etc. Try using the oil and keep ur skin moisturized all the time and keep all problem areas away from light as this problem seems to be photo sensitive. I always ware long sleeves as my problem is on my arms. I TRULY got great comfort from taking amitriptaline (sorry about spelling) which was prescribed by my GP. Thank God for them they have
Made a big difference and of course u know to use ice when the itch is very bad.