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Hi fellow BRP sufferers, especially @njcarolnjn ....I'm so very very sorry to know of your suffering and dilemma as I too have just gone nuts with this ridiculous condition. Had my third cervical epidural administered by the pain doc on Dec 1. By Dec 2 I was scratching. He said the third epidural might be the charm. NOT! Now the option he suggests is to see a neurosurgeon for spinal surgery on the cervical discs that are so bad they have caused the stenosis that's causing the impingement on the nerves that's causing the CRAZY ITCH/PAIN/BURN. So like you all I'm back to ice, ice, ice and steroid cream and lidocaine and pramoxine. Really nothing but ice helps and even that takes longer and longer to soothe.
Before I even think seriously about surgery, I'll try acupuncture and I read about a topical mixture of Elavil and ketamine (anybody try that?) My neurologist suggests mindfulness therapy!!!! He nearly launched me out of my chair! I told him I see a therapist already and am on Effexor and mirtazapine for depression and he can go mindful himself.
This BRP is starting to kind of take over my life. FL has approved medical marijuana and the pain doc said he could offer that. Whatever.

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i dont believe i saw this mindfullness yeah ok dont ya love it i feel like a dog that needs to be put out of his misery. i had a ketimine cream compounded just drugged me. i had lumbar surgery last year and im worse. i dont know what to do ive aged 1o years no one has any answers

oh acupuncture dudnt work for me either. Im now trying cyrotherapy and no glutten no sugar diet