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@njcarolnjn Hi, my friend. Just read your note, and recognize myself in it. I knew I was fighting itching on my forearms at an awful pace, but had no idea itwas “brachioradial pruritis”. But the term does make sense, although by struggling and studying a lot by myself I have learned what is causing mine. It may or may not be same as yours, but the experience sounds about the same. And I have the scars on my arms to prove it. I got wind of the dX a couple years ago, and have since learned a lot about various forms of Amyloidosis. In fact, Mayo said last year that they could not deny, without much further testing, that I have some form of FreeLiteChain Amyloidosis. Based on the tests they have done on me, I prove positive with the SERUM FreeLiteChain(C) sFLC-Bindings UK assay. I may have such things as AL (Amyloidosis Light Chair) ACys (Cystatin-C), AGel (Gelsolin) or others. It — or they — may be primary, systemic, localized, or so on. You can read my story at https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8, titled Amyloidosis Series 13 or Amyloidosis Series 12. But in any event, what is important here is that Light Chain Amyloidosis is quite possibly the cause of your brachioradial pruritis. My arms have bled, oozed various liquids and gels, been black with cross-hatch furrows, and itched badly enough to make me think I am losing my mind. I get a little relief from some various medicated creams, But there is not much that helps. Only having an idea what is going on. Your local clinic can work with various top labs to do the sFLC and 24hr urine tests, but most doctors are too lazy to do that so they rely on their local clinics. But these are almost never well enough equipped to do the work. It takes a top lab like Mayo or ARUP or Brigham and Women’s, or Stanford to get the protein dX done properly. The lab needs to have an Atom-Force microscope and other very expensive equipment to do it right. Do not settle for anything less. Read the work of the Mayo staff on their web page, about Amyloidosis, or go to AmyloidosisFoundation.Org. The biggest problem I have with this is untrained doctors and labs. But it is time for your arms to stop bleeding and oozing like mine.

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thank ypu very much my biggest issue is no one believes me. i no longer know where to turn 5 years and counting

I will research…I’m dizzy from all the research, supplements struggle. Just diagnosed with Fibro and frightened for my future…..

I’m SO with you NJ. I’m sitting here with an ice bag on my elbow …. itch started early a,m, hasn’t let up much since. Thought I’d found the goose that gave me a golden egg with Lyrica, but either the dose is too low or something, as the itch/burn/sting/pain has returned. Going to go from 50 3x/day to 100 to see if that helps. Pain doc after three failed epidurals wants to try intraspinal injections figuring the nerve tissues may be causing the itch as they are irritated so badly from the stenosis. Monday I’m going to try to find a chiropractor who may specialize in the cervical spine. Has anyone on this site tried that for BRP?
NJ I wish you luck. A new diagnosis of fibro really stinks.

im on my third. i wont take lyrcia. gabapentin knocks me out. my pain management guy wont even discuss it alrhough got him to order me a compounded cream that codt me 200 out of pocket and also knocked me on my rear

i dont want to do neck surgery seriously i cant live this way mych longer ive been looking into assisted sucide in europe no joke

sorry gor the graphic but this is how bad it gets i dont feel human

do u think this might be a possibly? to whom do i turn every doctor i turn to already think im nuts…the odd rhink for me is i go into remission 5 months out of the year its january though this is the longest bought since August

Re your graphic… yes I’ve looked like that too. I don’t have sheets or pillowcases that aren’t stained! But wait!! You get into remission ???? That’s good at least u get a break. I don’t. I’m in Florida and I do believe the heat and sun have a lot to do with the situation. Even though I never expose my arms without my armor of sunscreen etc I still get it. I’m so sympathetic. Please don’t give up. Did the chiropractor help you?

no not at all i love the beach i will be forced to aee my home and go on disability soon i was going to fl but now thats out of the question i think yes for 5 years it atarts end of august and usualkt ends mid dec this year not so this year i got arung by bees like 8 times that started this round