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Hi @froglegs, welcome to Connect. Please meet @salemm72 who also recently joined Connect and posted about brachioradial pruritus (BRP). How long have you been dealing with BRP?

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20 plus years.

Hello @wanttoscream,

Welcome to Connect. I cannot imagine the frustration of dealing with brachioradial pruritus (BRP) for 20 years!
Could you share a few more details? Do your symptoms get worse at certain times of the day? How have you been coping thus far? We look forward to getting to know you.


The itch started about in 1997. The bouts were in in August only and lasted for about a week each year until about 2005. There were no bumps or anything visual on my forearm. From what I recall, it was only on one of my forearms at a time at first. I went to my doctor at the time who thought I was nuts. He biopsied me twice with no results. During the years I have seen many dermatologist who have just prescribed anti-itch cream’s which do nothing. In the last 10 years the itch has lasted for months at a time showing bumps of all varieties as mentioned in the reports that I’ve seen about this disease from scaly to bleeding. In about 2012 or 13, I finally went to see a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. He diagnosed my itch as most likely BRP. He prescribed a compund to apply 4 times a day in a wrap, a good moisturizer, and anti-itching cream. I did that diligently for a long time. I even had to get another order of the compound. None of that worked. Sorry to say. Then about two years later the itch went away completely for about two whole years maybe longer. I just couldn’t believe it and I was so happy and I thought I was cured. I have no idea what I did to make this happen. The doctor at the mayo clinic said that the itch was most likely from sun exposure and nerve ending damage. of course I stopped going out in the sun and when I did I completely covered up which I am still doing. Last night I finally past out with a freezing cold ice pack on my forearm.
This bout of itching has lasted a year now. The first six months the itch was on my right forearm only. That went away completely. As it subsided on my right forearm, the itch started on my left and has continued there.

Did you see my reply?

Hi @wanttoscream. I did see your reply. Thank you for the additional information about how you are dealing with brachioradial pruritus (BRP). @darlia @thedinnymurph and @salemm72, please join me in welcoming WantToScream to the group. Have you also experienced the itching to suddenly go away for a period of time, only to return with a vengeance?

To be part
This group. Maybe someone has a cure or at least
Anway to stop the itching. I am now 62.
To answer your question, yes. It will subside for several hours during the day then attack me for several more hours. I tbink this started when i was in my eary 40s.
Do you know any way to stop the itch besides ice? Thank you

HI TO ALL; The most my itch/pain has gone away is for a few days at a time….then a return is inevitable. I feel that to call this an “itch” is to perhaps minimize it, although itching can be so severe that it can drive people insane. Mine is itch/pain/stab/burn almost in that order. It is most likely to attack in the evening, so I have tried taking gabapentin instead of 4 times a day in equal doses, taking most of the prescribed dose at night. That did not help. I’ve tried neck “stretchers.”…..those contraptions you place on the floor and attempt to make your spine align and neck stretch?
Ice seems to be the only remedy for me and lots of it. PLEASE pass on any tips if you have them. Thanks

How long have you had this?

Was this diagnoised as BRP, where, and what type of specialist made the diagnoises? Thank you