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Benzocaine comes in topical forms (also called lidocaine). I buy Solarcaine but it can be in a generic form, too. I get the spray so touching the skin is not necessary. It also comes in a gel form, for dry skin that’s oily.

US Brand Name

Canadian Brand Name
Baby Orajel Nighttime Formula
Dermoplast Maximum Strength

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Hi. Update on my last… on oct 18 had second cervical epidural right side for BRP. 90% resolved. As of yesterday, results were at roughly 60%or less with a very severe episode of itching/burning/stabbing pain lasting for hours. Am pretty disappointed. I’m rethinking my treatment plan for the left arm now.

I’m really hoping to hear from anyone out there who has had a successful resolution of BRP with epidural treatment. I asked doc what if these are ineffective and he then said lyrica. Well I’m already on 2400mg of gabapentin which certainly doesn’t seem to be helpful and aren’t they about the same?? And why is Lyrica a controlled substance?

I’m itchy and miserable. I scratch all night and my 1 million count thread sheets have blood stains. Have to carry ice packs wherever I go. The pain and burning is very intense.
Doc also suggested medical marijuana and naltrexone which can cause bad nightmares!!

Hi. I feel your pain for sure. Inam so tired. I just dont know
What to
Do. I finally past out last night with a freezing ice pack on my forearm.

im sick and tired if all the bull on this condition. There is no help here so dont look for it. im 5 years and counting. Done it all and afraud for my future. capasin thx for that advice burns like u at yourself on fire. The drugs? cant funxtion on them. Chiro acupuncture? Dont count on it. i have cervical as well as lumbar issues. Had back surgery last year my back is worse. Do i dare chance letting them touch my neck. Too big a risk they dont know and honestly dont care.

@njcarolnjn, Hello. I’m sorry to hear that you are frustrated and fed up. I bet it’s really tough to deal with this day in and day out. However, I’m glad that you have found this community and glad that you are not alone in suffering with symptoms. Please use this forum to connect with others suffering and keep hope that with sharing ideas and knowledge we will continue to learn from each other.

Was surgery on your neck an option to help with symptoms?

no one will address the nerve pain one neurologist said i will be in a wheelchair if neck issues not addressed what wvwr that means i fractured lumbar disc last year they want to fuse neck and back… no way i dont trust a one if them

oh wow. That’s a big decision. My husband had a spot in his back fused. It saved him….4 years of pain and depression and he finally said he couldn’t live like that anymore. He did his research and chose a surgeon- Dr. Bradford Currier was his name. He was fabulous. It didn’t take all of his pain away but it took it to a tolerable level. A decision that to this day, he doesn’t regret.

i took a chance on what they told me was relatively minor surgery my surgeon now says its was acrap shoot maybe when yr young and strong i just turned 60 two years ago i looked 40 now i look 80

i believe the end of my life has come depressed yes severely

i tired tired of incompetent drs who are not as smart as they pretend to be

by the way what is a SPOT?