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Felt compelled to reply… I stumbled to this site looking for new info on BRP (=bracchioradial pruiritis)… as it is making me go mad, mad, mad! I can totally relate to “cry, scream, meltdowns” too. It is so maddening!! For those looking for temporary relief, my go tos, here in Canada, are: Xylocaine 5% (which I think may be Lidocaine in US)… this numbs your arms (but takes an hour to take effect, i find) and Stopain!, which is a strong menthol-type roll-on cream that feels super cold… so cold that it hurts a little (but at least you don’t feel itchy). Hope this helps someone.
As for next steps, for me, I’m booking an appointment at chiropractor. Hopefully he’ll take xrays and see something? Or perhaps an “alignment” of my spine will help? I’m desperate! Keep looking for answers people!!

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I have been told, by more than one Dr., that my neck is in the opposite curvature, as normal. They always ask if I had an accident. Not that I know of, although I took plenty of spills skiing. I also was accidentally poisoned, at 9 mo., and took convulsions, for hours.
I am going to consult with a Neurologist.

I have the same symptoms. It is just horrible. I have been to a chiropractor for manipulation of my neck. It did not help. The itching is horrible. There are no signs of anything on my skin until I start scratching then there are bumps and they scab over. They look like something bit me. They take forever to heal up. I have been to every doctor imaginable. My doctor has referred me to a cannabis type doctor now. I will let u know what happens.