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Hi I'm a sufferer who sympathizes completely with this maddening disorder. After pursuing treatment with dermatologists without success I did research on my own and found the cause (I think) for this horrible condition. I was already taking Neurontin for neuropathy. I have Sjrogrens and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. Noting it treated a weird skin itch also, I convinced my rheumatologist to order an x-ray which showed cervical spine problems.....long story short, this led to neurologist for MRI...he sent me for a cervical spine epidural. NO symptoms for 2 weeks....then a slow return.. This was in July and I'm due for a second on Oct 18
I'm as I said convinced this awful condition results from cervical spine inflammation. BUT saying that, the sun doesn't help. I live in FL and try never to be in the sun.
The only treatment beside the epidural that ever helped is a steroid cream mixed with lidocaine. Provided only some relief. Promoxine (sp?) also helped somewhat. Icepacks remain the most effective. Hard to sit in meetings, restaurants, etc with them. This condition is very limiting socially. It's made me cry, scream and have meltdowns not attractive in an adult!

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I just read your post. I too suffer from the same symptoms, including the back issue. I always thought the back was a separate issue, but in reading these posts, I'm beginning to think otherwise. The back injections were only very temporary and costly. Recently I have been using a magnesium oil on my back and it does give some relief, but some days are still unbearable. Has any doctor recommended back surgery of any kind to eliminate both issues? My dermatologist said that the nerve endings on my arms are what is effected, so perhaps there is some impingement from the spine that is effecting the nerves in the arms.

All I know is that I need a solution!

Car accident gave me severe cervical disc injuries. At 5 years into 2 shoulder surgeries the pain and numbness in both forearms suddenly SUDDENLY became this INSANITY. I thought I got bit by something, washed arm real good. NEVER did I think I could experience something so horrendous. I found myself itching this ONLY to have a BURNING sensation that came in waves. Lidocaine did NOTHING.
ONLY ice. This has gotten soo bad I'm covering ICE with salt then rubbing this 22-24°F ICE back and forth until I'm nearly burned. Acupuncture is my NEXT step.
I take no drugs- THIS is as close to utter INSANITY as I can imagine.
I live alone- when this starts I have found myself nearly SCREAMING / squealing running for ice and salt. If someone caught an episode on video they'd think I was on drugs. There's NOTHING humorous about this.
I pray for ANYONE suffering this -healing love and peace

I agree, it comes from the neck. I was going to tell my Dermatologist, in Maech, but I canceled the appointment. She probably would have thought that I was crazy. Sometimes lotion or cream helps or ice, or sometimes nothing helps!!

I use capsaicin .025, Voltaren, lidocaine 5 %. The itching on my arms has stopped.
What remains now is my left scapular area. I may feel fine during the day but it strikes at night. Ice is the only thing that stops the itching immediately but it returns when the ice is removed. I am now taking gabapentin. At least I can sleep.