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Welcome to Connect, @cropsey26
I moved your message to this existing discussion where you can read messages from @donnany @castlemac and @patrickcotter. While they haven't been on Connect for a long time, I'm hoping that someone will return to share their experiences with you. In the meantime, here is some information about the condition from Mayo Clinic, including treatment options.
- Itchy skin (pruritus) http://mayocl.in/2fFJrKD

Cropsey, have you had any prescribed treatment?

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Hi I'm a sufferer who sympathizes completely with this maddening disorder. After pursuing treatment with dermatologists without success I did research on my own and found the cause (I think) for this horrible condition. I was already taking Neurontin for neuropathy. I have Sjrogrens and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. Noting it treated a weird skin itch also, I convinced my rheumatologist to order an x-ray which showed cervical spine problems.....long story short, this led to neurologist for MRI...he sent me for a cervical spine epidural. NO symptoms for 2 weeks....then a slow return.. This was in July and I'm due for a second on Oct 18
I'm as I said convinced this awful condition results from cervical spine inflammation. BUT saying that, the sun doesn't help. I live in FL and try never to be in the sun.
The only treatment beside the epidural that ever helped is a steroid cream mixed with lidocaine. Provided only some relief. Promoxine (sp?) also helped somewhat. Icepacks remain the most effective. Hard to sit in meetings, restaurants, etc with them. This condition is very limiting socially. It's made me cry, scream and have meltdowns not attractive in an adult!

Felt compelled to reply... I stumbled to this site looking for new info on BRP (=bracchioradial pruiritis)... as it is making me go mad, mad, mad! I can totally relate to "cry, scream, meltdowns" too. It is so maddening!! For those looking for temporary relief, my go tos, here in Canada, are: Xylocaine 5% (which I think may be Lidocaine in US)... this numbs your arms (but takes an hour to take effect, i find) and Stopain!, which is a strong menthol-type roll-on cream that feels super cold... so cold that it hurts a little (but at least you don't feel itchy). Hope this helps someone.
As for next steps, for me, I'm booking an appointment at chiropractor. Hopefully he'll take xrays and see something? Or perhaps an "alignment" of my spine will help? I'm desperate! Keep looking for answers people!!

Welcome to Connect, @salemm72. Thanks for sharing tips for relief. I understand that physical therapy or even acupuncture may help some people who have cervical spine disease. (Reference: http://www.clinicaladvisor.com/dermatology/brachioradial-pruritus/article/593588/) Do you have issues with your cervical spine or neck?

I'm so happy to hear from you salemm72. Glad to hear of your remedies like Stopain!....that's a new one for me. My dermatologist also recommended capasain which I never personally found helpful. Irritated skin even more.
Yesterday I had a second cervical epidural. Believe it or not, I've not itched all day!! Now that could be from the anesthesia, we'll see. I hope your idea of a alignment works for you. Makes sense that it might help. My xrays clearly showed cervical spine arthritis so the impingement clearly was there causing the BRP.
Good luck in your search for relief. Some people can't understand the horrible discomfort this condition causes....and I think discomfort is a mild description for it. It makes me NUTS!!!!

Hmm. I have Cervical disorder of certain disks so maybe it IS connected

I have been suffering for 29 years, I don't have cervical spine issues, & I avoid sun. I use a cream (formula 6B) from a company in
Alabama, called Transdermal Therapeutics. You will need a dr. prescription. It is the only thing that works. I am going to try acupuncture next week. I have tried, chiropractic care, laser treatments, a million creams from dermatologists, electrical stimulation of my arms & only ice works. I believe the cause is unknown, my brother across the country suffers from this also, but only slightly. (My burning, etc. is usually at night & worse in the Fall.) I am a carrier of Fragile X syndrome and in mid life there can be neurological symptoms associated with this genetic disorder. I'd be interested to see if there is a link.