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Hello, I have this exact diagnosis – same everything, no rash, severe SEVERE itching on forearm(left only) issues with my neck, and sun damage. I want to find out all I can regarding this – I am going INSANE with the itching. Only thing so far that TEMPORARILY takes the itch away is ICE…..

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I’ve had his for years. (Same exact symptoms) Does anyone know what it us? Darlia

BRP -Brachioradial Pruitius- I have had if for 8 plus years. Have tried to treat the symptoms instead of get to the root of the problem of why I have this. I have seen 2 general family doctors, dermatologist, neurologist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and a specialist (which confirmed BRP) I have taken over the counter creams & meds as well as perscribed medicine like gapapentin, doxepin, and antibiotics when the scratching on my arms become infected. I was told you could have BRP for either 2 different reasons, either a nerve compression of your spine (C5 – C7) or prolong exposure to the sun. If the itching occurs on both arms it's usually the compression not the sun exposure. Although I use to lay in the sun as a teen all day with baby oil!!!! mine is on both arms. I have decided to visit a NUCCA specialist to get to the root of the problem. My symptoms went from quarterly to monthly to now daily!! At my wits end where like others, only ice packs have helped consistently but how inconvenient!!! will keep you posted on my findings.

Hi nab1, I’m curious about these NUCCA specialists. Aren’t they chiropractors who specialize in the cervical spine only? Have you seen a neurologist or had an MRI?
Since I’ve had three cervical epidurals and none were effective for more than ten days, I’ve gone on Lyrica which at first was like a miracle. No itching AT ALL for about two weeks. Now two months in I’m itching again but not nearly with the intensity or frequency of pre-Lyrica. I consider it pretty much a success though I still travel with ice! And no sun without sunscreen ever ever.

I've endured Bracioradial Pruritis (BRP) for two years now and was evaluated by several physicians of various specialties; most had not heard of BRP or seen anyone with that condition. I saw two dermatologist that prescribed topical anti-itch applications that provided little or no relief. One neurologist recommended intermittent cervical traction that seems to reduce the daytime episodes of itching but the night time occurances are the most frequent and difficult to endure. I ordered a teter (hang to relax) mechanism that was difficult for this 81 year-old to tolerate; hanging by the feet in suspension, upside-down, is for much younger persons. This stretching of the cervical spine did provide temporary relief so I purchased an inflatable neck cuff that I pumped up like a B/P cuff and kept it inflated for a half-hour twice daily; this definitely provides relief and I have been using this method for about six months. The problem is, if I miss a day the itching returns and I must take my neck-cuff everywhere I go. Ice packs are okay but messy; I prefer to get in the bath tub filled with "very hot" water and scrub the itchy surfaces with "Caress soap" just before bedtime. Then, if itching returns, during the night, I apply "DMSO/Aloe Vera cream" (available on Amazon) that seems to be the only topical cream that provides relief.

Although I have only been affected with Brachioradial Pruritis (BRP) for less than 2 years, I can empathize with your frustration with health care providers that have no idea how to manage this condition. I also have tried a dozen approaches to control the itching, especially at night, that deprives me of sleep. I've achieved considerable relief with intermittent cervical traction (30 min twice daily) and recently started using aspercream patches applied on the back of my neck at bedtime which has helped to ease the night-time itching. I am of the impression that my condition results from compression of cervical discs aggravated by poor posture and inadequate hyperextention of my neck.

Hi Darlia, I finally found relief from BRP when my neurologist prescribed "gapapentin capsules". I didn't notice any improvement for the first 3 days but then it kicked in and now, at last, I can sleep the night through without clawing my left arm until it bleeds.

The one thing I have found to calm the severe itching is hemp mct oil. I was amazed how well it worked for this. I just apply it topically to the affected area.


Believe it or not, Vagisil works best on my forearms. It may work for pain as well, as it numbs the area. A prescription pill, Hydroxyzine also helps as it is associated with anxiety. Keep your arms covered in the sun with white sleeves. Heat triggers it as the original cause may have been caused from excessive heat as with scalding hot water. Sun exposure while in the car also causes it.

I am self- diagnosed, but my symptoms are so much like yours. My itching is on my upper arms. It starts with a pinch, that feels like being stabbed, with a needle, then extreme itching starts, that is impossible not to scratch. No rash, ever, but the itching for hours. It does the go to the other arm, just as badly, but not as often.I do have a bad neck, and sleep, on a water pillow. Now, I don't feel like I'm crazy!!