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Lipo-Flavonoid for ringing in ears

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Tinnitus in research studies right now comes from a number of different parts of your brain. It represents damage to your brain. You can not correct or cure this "phantom noise" with anything that is found on the market. The origin of your noise in the head likely comes from the limbic portion of your brain and can intensify when you think about it because this part of the brain controls your emotions and other subjective activities. Damaged hair cells in your cochlear/auditory nerve system are not able to connect correctly with the brain interpretation for sound and this becomes the noise in your ears or head. With you brain constantly working and your ears constantly hearing...there is NO off switch to both systems, so you can tell either of them to turn off the noise. Scientists are looking at the areas of damage to figure out how to turn off the spigot somewhere in the brain where the source is coming from. They have not been able to find where the various places are located since there are more than one locations.
In the mean time, we as tinnitus sufferers, must understand what precipitated our first encounter with it. How did it start. Hearing loss? Head injury? Ototoxic medications? Middle ear tumor? Infections? War injuries?
Next: Have we seen a Medical doctor/Audiologist/ENT about this medical condition? Have we identified all of the various symptoms that could or may be associated with this condition? [Vestibular - inner ear/brain location such as vertigo, dizziness, falls, hyperacusis, headaches, Menieres disease, and others]
Testing: Were any tests conducted regarding your hearing, brain, equilibrium? Besides your basic well being...
What recommendations were given you? OTC samples or magazine promos are NOT regulated or approved for tinnitus. Hearing aids with masking programs work, Sound devices that mask the noise also help, Biofeedback to train the brain to hear white, brown, pink or other color - toned noises allow the tinnitus wearer to listen to sounds that over ride their own screeches. There is a dedicated American Tinnitus website I recommend that you should start with: https://www.ata.org/understanding-facts and then check out the Institutes https://medlineplus.gov/tinnitus.html and https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/14164-tinnitus where Research is constantly taking place. https://hearinghealthfoundation.org/what-is-tinnitus
Check these all out and I am sure you will have ample information to help you. My tinnitus started in 1990s with ototoxic meds to save my life. I will have this until I die. I manage the two tones with my Starky AI Evolv hearing aids which does a marvelous job of masking them. Any questions - let me know Eloise

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Thank you for your concern and suggestions.