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Excited to join the conversation and eager to hear suggestions from others who have been down this journey.

I had Laparoscopic Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y) in 2012 at age of 57 at Mayo Rochester. My weight has been up and down since. In two years after surgery I slowly lost around 90 lbs. Then over the next 4 years put 50 lbs back on.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and over next few years weigh varied often depending on cancer treatment I was receiving.

Since 2020, I have re-lost previous weight gain and lowest I have been most of my adult life. Over 100 lbs less then pre surgery.

Initially after surgery, I had very few problems, no dumping or vomiting. I did have problems with my iron (ferritin) being too low and use to get IV infusions of iron.

Two years ago was diagnosed with small ulcer and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Treated for both, but sometimes it still bothers me so not sure either are totally resolved.

There are foods I can no longer tolerate. I get sick from sugar and some dairy. This has gotten worse in last few years.

I crave carbs, I know they are empty calories but even with a poor appetite, I am always hungry for bread and pasta.

I have problems with fatigue and my iron level has dropped, at very bottom of normal range. I would like to do more activities, but it takes me a day to recover from a active day. So I pace myself. Try to do exercise class or be more active one day then give myself a day to recover the next.

I am confused what supplements I should be taking and plan on asking about that at next appointment.

I know I do not drink enough water and trying to work on that. A Mayo provider suggested adding Ligiid IV to water to increase electrolyte. It helps, especially when hot out. I do not tolerate heat, and get dizzy when overheated.

One thing that helps me is yearly rechecks with Endourology section at Mayo. I have an appointment this week. They schedule blood and urine tests and discuss what is working and what I am struggling with. It was at one of these yearly appts that the provider scheduled upper GI tests that discovered the ulcer and SIBO.

If the provider gives me any helpful advice I will share.


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Laurie, you might get some answers to your questions about supplements in this blog post by Stephanie N. Vanderboom, Mayo Clinic. Or perhaps some clarity to help articulate the questions you post at your upcoming appointment.
- Expert Answer: Why are vitamins important after bariatric surgery? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/weight-management-1/newsfeed-post/expert-answer-why-are-vitamins-important-after-bariatric-surgery/

@roch, this might be worth a topic worthy of a new discussion if you want to start it.

@grandmar @kend @aprilarlady @nova1976, glad you too found the new group dedicated to weight loss and weight-loss surgery.

I think all of you may also appreciate following the companion expert blog written by @taraschmidt, Mayo Clinic registered dietitian here:
- Weight Management https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/weight-management-1/tab/newsfeed/

I was sleeved almost 6 years ago, at 61yo.
I VERY slowly lost 90 lbs., about 10-20 lbs less than I wanted to lose.
I've also had several illnesses and surgeries including lung cancer. However, I did not need any chemo or radiation.
I've gained back between 10-20 lbs. Each day is different.
For me, I do lots of stress eating.
There are things I no longer eat, but nothing makes me nauseous.
As far as vitamins, especially with bypass, it's something you will need to take the rest of your life because of malabsorption.
My cousin, like you, has issues with iron and also get infused (but I don't know how often).
Whoever you are seeing on a yearly basis should be doing a complete blood workup including vitamin and minerals. Wherever there are issues, suggestions should be made as to what to take.
Usually, the standard is a multi-vitamin. I know that all the vitamins I take, I take double the dosage.
However, I know that things have changed and there are vitamins that can do double or triple duty.
Just be sure to ask the doc.
Good luck!
Ronnie (GrandmaR)

I'm so glad you have an appointment in Endocrinology this week, Laurie. This is exactly what I would have requested you to do regarding your supplements. The provider you are scheduled with will review your medical record and labs/urinalyses if you had them completed prior to your appointment. We have recommendations at baseline for supplements, but tailor them specifically as time goes on.

We know that patients who attend their annual visit with Endocrinology are more successful with keeping their weight off long-term. You're doing the right thing!