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Solanine poisoning

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I also have issues with nightshades. It does not pull on allergy scans, both blood and skin. There is almost no information on this and all the care i have sought out has been in vane. What i have learned … its worsened by stress. Modified food starch has solanine in it (probably potato and this got worse with the attention to gluten, potato instead of wheat). I take an allegra and a formotadine (pepcid) to reduce my symptoms and live a normal life at times. I feel better eating in other countries. My guess is on the lack of stress and two; nicotine is used as a pesticide along with other nightshades. I assume they are more common in large scale farming of the usa.

My symptoms are:
Sores on my tounge. Specifically the tip
White throat- cigarette smoke does this quickly
Sore joints and arthritis
Anxiety- shortened temper
Sinus aggravation
Depression and lack of motivation
A bad hangover feeling in my body

I avoid
Anything sysco brand
Modified food starch
Paprika-seriously my kryptonite
Spices- generic.
Breakfast places-often one grill
Bay seasoning
Any wait staff that says “i know what nightshades are”. Typically these people poison me. Heck I poison myself often.

I am still battling with this and it seams to be getting harder. The pnw loves potatoes and paprika. Makes eating out difficult. The fresher the better as far as restaurants go. Its more money but less processed foods. Also i feel that the later it is added to the dish the better.

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I agree that the fresher the better. Also, if you want to avoid nightshades, Lebanese/Middle Eastern (except tabouli) Mexican/Central American with mole style sauces and Brazilian foods containing cassava (or yuca) and sweet potatoes/yams are great options. We find choosing salads with olive oil/ balsamic vinegar works well.