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Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis

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I am seeing pulmonary doctor for the last year. not sure this is the best route either. I am doing a 10mg of prednisone per day with Gabapentin 300mg 2 times daily and a nebulizer with perforomist and a steroid Budesonide 5mg once daily. My IgE serum level a year ago was 1834 two weeks ago it was up to 1870.
never ever had a problem till about two years ago. noticed a wheez but when I asked my MD about it at the time he commented "you can make yourself wheez". Needless to say he is no longer my MD! I also would like to have more information as I too was diagnosed with ABPA. Just hard for me to believe that at 68 I developed this after years of nothing like this.

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Hi John…I had problems in 2016 breathing and coughing for 6 months and they saw a mass in an xray on my upper right lobe. Two months later it had shrunk and I could breath fine. A week ago I was making a garden and within hours could not breath. Starting predisone for just a few days now that the doctors connected the dots. They did not tell me about abpa 2 yrs ago..lol. I am a VEGAN and I am heavily researching how to naturally clean and restore my lungs. What part of the country do you live?

Strange..mine developed two years ago also. I am almost 64. I think mine came from gardening or an air conditioning unit when I was visiting Florida.

Kansas city mo

We took a trip to gulf shores two years ago soon after that is when mine developed