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Diagnosing Prostatitis: urine vs prostate culture

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Hello @normandhebert
The same scenario happened to my 65 year old brother. It wasn't until he went to a Mayo Clinic urologist, who did a prostrate culture to properly diagnose the infection. All our local urologists the urine culture to identify the infection, which leads to an incorrect diagnosis. Thank you so much for taking the time to alert others about this problem. You are very kind to sound the alarm and protect others from the pain and unnecessary suffering. Unfortunately, it sounds like your experience is way to common. I can't believe that the local specialists are unaware of the need for a prostate culture. This is crazy to me. Where did you go to get properly diagnosed?

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Good morning. Thanks for your reply. I went to Ryan powers, very young and cocky, Dr Kaplan, the same, Dr Agins, all useless, just did urine test, testicular exam and d r e and sent me on my way. Not one of them explained what prostatitis is, how you get it or anything. Finally went to Dr. M. Michael Hayyeri in phoenix. Very kind man. He sat down with me in no hurry and asked me to explain what was going on. When I said, you mean the entire last 4 months? He said, absolutely. He listened attentively and then proceeded to tell me what prostatitis was, how they believe it is acquired although in my case we have no clue because I have never had a UTI in my life, how it is treated and specifically why it is so difficult to treat. I must say that although all the young women in his office are extremely friendly, the office does not seem to be run very well. That being said I would highly recommend him because he is the only one who took the time to listen, and properly diagnose my condition, and he will be my urologist from now on.

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