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Psoriasis: What treatment helps?

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I have been diagnosed with moderate Psoriasis and the doctor prescribed applying Tacrolimus Ointment 0.1% on the affected parts of my skin.
Unfortunately, after a few weeks, my condition is not getting better.
I am quite nervous about the long-term effects of this disease.
I have read that some patients can develop liver and heart disease after living with psoriasis.
I would like to hear about the experience of other members with similar condition.
Thank you

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Hello @xmohashi,

I'm sorry to hear that the topical medicine the doctor prescribed is not giving you the relief you had hoped for. How long ago were you diagnosed with psoriasis? Is this the first medicine you have tried?

Mayo Connect has a discussion group on Psoriasis. Here is the link, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/psoriasis-1/. Here you can meet with other members, like @bio, who have discussed having psoriasis. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment to anyone, just click on "Reply" and you can post your question.

Here is some information from the Mayo Clinic website about psoriasis that might be helpful to you as well,

If you care to share more, what symptom is the most bothersome to you right now?

Hi @xmohashi, I moved your question about tacrolimus ointment for psoriasis to the discussion that @hopeful33250 suggested. Along with @bio I'd like to also bring other members who have experience with psoriasis into this discussion like @rashida @cmtg @missagnes.

@xmohashi, have you told your dermatologist that the condition isn't improving? Do you know what type of psoriasis you have?

@xmohashi - I think liver problems and/or heart disease are side effects of medications taken for psoriasis. When on medications for psoriasis regular bloodwork is recommended to monitor for side effects of n liver and heart. Does your doctor order regular bloodwork?