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You are not alone in your struggle to get pain relief! I totally understand your frustration! If a doctor put something in your medical record that isn’t correct, you should do what you can to fight it! I know how overwhelming that can be when dealing with pain, stress and confusion! I have chronic pain from different sources, fibromyalgia, back problems, etc. and have been forced to find a new pain doctor after the DEA revoked my last pain doctors license to prescribe pain medication. Because of government interference in pain medication dosage prescribing, pain doctors are restricting pain medication out of fear of action by the CDC and DEA. Many pain doctors are losing their licenses and simply leaving the profession because of these issues. The doctors that remain, are either restricting dosage or not prescribing opiates. I’m caught up in that issue myself right now. Because of my on going challenges finding the dosage I was taking, I’m tapering off my pain medication now and have found a doctor who is aggressively treating my back problems. I will be starting a new med for withdrawal from opioids on Friday. They have become so hard to get, I’ve agreed to go this route as long as my pain is addressed and treated after years of neglect.
I would look into your options about filing a complaint about the doctor who put incorrect information in your records. If you do an internet search for ‘complain about doctor care’ you will see information with resources. You can talk to the department of health or the medical board. You don’t have to file a law suit. Depending on the accusation that was made, you maybe able to get advice from legal services for free on how to proceed. If your doctor has no proof of what they accused you of and it’s affecting treatment, I would start with a letter to the doctor asking them to remove the information from your medical record. Explain what your intentions are for treatment of your pain, and that his accusation is unfounded and incorrect. What proof does he have? Tell them you want your letter placed in your medical records.
I’m so sorry your going through this. As with any profession, there are bad doctors. I’ve seen a couple myself. Don’t give up looking for help! Be your own best advocate! I’ve had to convince doctors I’m not seeking medication but adequate treatment! Most doctors want to get to know you and diagnose your symptoms before prescribing these days. Unfortunately, our government has made doctors responsible for patients becoming addicts. Since they can’t get control of illegal drugs, they’ve come after pain patients!
Don’t let this doctor detour your pursuit for treatment! I would look into what my options might be about getting my records changed, especially if the information is incorrect!

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Thank you so much for your comments. I’m in the process of getting a release for my records. I’m just so worn out because it’s the only thing I can think of and this pain is unbearable. It’s just unthinkable that so many doctors will believe some other doctor they don’t even know instead of the patient sitting in front of them in obvious pain. My insurance is paying them, they act like I’m taking up time they could be using for “important” patients. Unfortunately, what he accused me of was in my urine, and I have no idea how. Morphine showed up. I did not, nor do I know where to get morphine! I may be old, but I’m not stupid. Everybody who walks into a pain clinic has to immediately pee in a cup. How stupid would someone have to be to take something not prescribed. I’ll go to my grave defending myself. To who? I don’t know. Doctors don’t believe me, anyway. It’s not medical malpractice, so an attorney won’t touch it. I just feel so alone.

@anne4u, pain, stress and medications cause a loss of magnesium possibly creating a deficiency. This impacts thiamine and vitamin D as both require magnesium to become bioactive. Vitamin B2 along with activated thiamine are needed to activate vitamin B6. The B vitamins work better together. The first two links offer the effects of B vitamins on conditions similar to some you have mentioned. The ncbi link reviews the fifth element…boron, which often goes unnoticed, yet brings an enormous number of benefits to the table. A Youtube video by Dr. Jorge Flechas MD on boron is riveting. The krispin link is offers additional magnesium information. Always consult your health care professional before using any supplement.

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