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Spinal CSF leaks

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I have been going to PT for dry needling to help the muscle spasms that may be causing a nerve to be trapped. It helps some but enough. I will talk to him about the MFR. Most PTs won’t do anything that manipulates my spine because I have a fragile spine. As a result of the CSF leak, I have Superficial Siderosis which is from my leak bleeding. The iron deposits from my blood are eroding my brain and the nerves in my spine. Dr Atkinson said he did not know what the future held for my spine because of so much iron deposits. I guess I am a complicated case! 🤷‍♀️

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@kygirl58 Well that is encouraging that the dry needling helps a little bit so that tells you how much of the issue might be related to muscle spasms pulling on the spine. Dry needling discharges the electricity that is holding the muscle in spasm at least temporarily. That would not address the scar tissue causing tightness. The training for MFR is very specific with the John Barnes methods, so you may need to seek out a different therapist for that. It's is kind of like pushing on dough when you make bread, except when you feel the resistance of the barrier, you stop and hold the pressure against it until the fascia can unwind itself, and release and remodel. My PT can feel the pathways of tightness through my body with her hands, and has trained me to be aware of that as well, so she can feel exactly where it is tight and when and where a release happens.

Would you let me know what your doctor thinks about MFR?