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Spinal CSF leaks

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Has anyone else had surgery for a CSF leak in the spine? I had surgery on 9/28/2020 at Mayo for a ventral CSF leak. They did three lamenectomies, discectomy and a dural repair at thoracic 4. As far as I can tell, my leak is repaired but I have radiating nerve pain in my back left rib cage. I have found nothing that helps it. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this ???

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@kygirl58 Hello, I wanted to welcome you to Connect. I'm a cervical spine surgery patient. I was wondering if the pain you have is a risk and complication from your surgery at T4? Did you have nerve impingement before your surgery in that area that was to be decompressed by the surgery?

I think it is a result of the surgery because the pain started a couple of months after surgery. I really need to go back to Mayo for a check up and to talk to my doctors about it but my insurance is a pain to get to approve anything there.
Thanks for your reply.

I have been going to PT for dry needling to help the muscle spasms that may be causing a nerve to be trapped. It helps some but enough. I will talk to him about the MFR. Most PTs won’t do anything that manipulates my spine because I have a fragile spine. As a result of the CSF leak, I have Superficial Siderosis which is from my leak bleeding. The iron deposits from my blood are eroding my brain and the nerves in my spine. Dr Atkinson said he did not know what the future held for my spine because of so much iron deposits. I guess I am a complicated case! 🤷‍♀️