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Mucus in throat but lungs and sinuses clear

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Someone has requested an update on how I resolved my mucous and sinus issues. Well, in short, I haven’t. But I have come to terms with the problem. The main thing for me was, after ensuring that there doesn’t appear to be any major issue, I accepted that it doesn’t matter whether the doctor understands or not. I just need to deal with it. And I am certainly not alone. Mainstream medicine is great for acute issues but not so much for chronic problems. And doctors don’t like hearing about problems they can’t solve.

For my sinuses I do a saline irrigation daily, using heated sterile water. I really believe this helps. I use Nasonex intermittently. I have stopped recently because I felt it helped keep my nasal passages clear but the post nasal mucous seemed thicker and more problematic. Occasionally I think the mucous irritates the Eustachian tube and my hearing gets a bit distorted. That drives me mad but rarely lasts very long. For the mucous in my throat, especially at night, I drink lemon juice in boiling water with a pinch of cayenne pepper or hot water with a piece of raw ginger. If my throat gets very irritated then a spoonful of honey seems to help. I also take guaifenesin but I am not so sure it helps. If I do take guaifenisin I make doubly sure I drink lots of fluid.

And that’s about it really. No great breakthrough but life is good.

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Have you been diagnosed with LPR?? If not, Google LPR and see the symptoms, sounds like that may be what you have. Somewhat hard to diagnose, ENT can perform endoscopy and maybe diagnose what is going on.

I have similar problems too and read about apples, apple juice are supposed to help with mucous too. I drink 4 ozs a day. Seems to help some too. Google it. I also use honey sometimes. Good luck with this. (Additionally, I have vocal cord damage from an intubation they messed up on me adding to my issue with “drainage”, so a bit different)