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Hi @gingerw 😊 Thank you so much for sharing that story with me! I am going to my local nephrologist in two weeks. I am currently scheduled for my 2 year anniversary appointment at Mayo Florida in late August, which I am starting to think is too long to wait. Do you think I should try to move up my scheduled appointment with Mayo, or call my transplant coordinator, or ask my local nephrologist to call Mayo for advice? Has your husband's local nephrologist ever called Mayo to speak with them to consult?

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@helpful1234 My husband was not transplanted at Mayo, so I don't think his nephrologist will do more than contact his transplant team, if there is a question. I can suggest you speak to your transplant coordinator, and let them know your concern, let them guide your next steps.

Nothing worse than being anxious. For tonight and tomorrow, put these issues aside, find what makes you happy and relaxed, and do that. Okay?