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My liver enzymes went out of whack a year ago, when they had already taken me off Tacrolimus. It was 10 months after my bone marrow transplant and I had been doing well and feeling good. My doctor attributed this to GVHD, so he put me back on Tacrolimus and much higher Prednisone – 70 mg/day at one point. Eventually the liver enzymes went back to normal but it took several months. I’m still on Tacrolimus but they are slowly weaning me off of it. I hope you get better results soon!

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Thanks so much @edb1123 for jumping in to help me! 😊 Approximately how high did your liver enzymes go? I am a kidney transplant patient and my liver enzymes have been elevated since my transplant two years ago. After CMV virus, my Cellcept was reduced and my liver enzymes improved but are still elevated. I am coming up to two years of elevated liver enzymes and for the last six months my BUN level is also going higher. From what I am reading on the internet, it can be caused by Cellcept, Tacronlimis and sometimes the combination. (I also read that BUN can relate to liver function, which I did not know). I am concerned that they may need to change my meds which scares me about possible rejection. I am also not sure which drug they will change the Tac or the Cellcept MMF…or reduce first. It sounds like you needed the Tac to solve your liver enzymes increase. I think I am going to need a reduction of one of them (or a change). As usual, I am high anxiety about possible liver damage after two years, my higher BUN level, and the possibility of rejection when there is a change in medication. So, I decided to post and hear other people's experiences, like your successful story! Thank you for sharing your story. It's very helpful. 😊