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Diabetic Diet for type 2

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What diet you followed , what foods you avoided? please write more as it will be helpful to people like me.thanks

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Initially my dr. didn't give a hoot. She never set up appointments with a dietician and never did anything she said she was going to do. So I set up and met three times with a dietician. At $150/hr that's all I could do. I read EVERYTHING about diabetes that I could find. Dwelling on good resources. Then, I got a notebook and wrote EVERYTHING that I ate down. I tried to keep my carb count around 40 to 45/meal. Plus two daily snacks. Now I know, if I eat the right carbs, it can be up to 60. I also started walking every day. One mile. Plus working an additional 2 hours in my garden. I bought a meter and taught myself how to check my blood. (Before the dietician) and did so 2-3 times per day writing down what the numbers were. Amazingly, without meds, I lost 1-2 lbs. per week and within 3 months had lost close to 30 pounds. My original A1C was 10.2 and four months after starting I was down to 5.8. I allowed myself desert when I had special meetings only. We ate fruit mainly for desert. I'd cut it up, microwave for a couple of minutes and top with truvia. My husband ate what I ate. No chips, ice cream, donuts, cake, cookies, were in the house. Cut out most of bread, rice, and pasta. We ate beef, pork, chicken, and fish. Larger portions as the carb count was low. Nothing deep fat fried, fried, etc. Mostly baked, Ate whatever vegetable was in season. Usually allowed myself 1/2 – 1 cup. No butter. Ate everything I wanted to other than high sugar foods. Made smoothies using cottage cheese, fruit, almond/coconut milk and whey protein powder. At that time I was in my early 60's. NOW. I'm struggling. Tried Metformin and the side effects are awful. It did help my sugar counts. It may work for others. I'm working to eat 40-60 carbs/meal. Meat, fruit, veggies. Only small amounts of potato, rice, bread on occasion, not every day. I have found some bread products that I like. Joseph's makes a low carb flat bread that we use for pizza. They also make a pita bread that is only 4 carbs/1/2 of pita. That replaces buns for sandwiches. Village Hearth makes a thin, multi-grain bun that has 22 carbs. if you feel you want the "real" thing. To make a long story short. You have to watch what you eat and exercise daily. I walk, garden, and trying to incorporate resistance training. Snacks: try to find something where you have a protein and a carb together. Like a Turkey stick and carrots (2-3). Set a specific time for your snacks. Drink a lot of water. NO POP. Eat fruit and not fruit juice unless you juice it yourself. You can also have an evening snack if it helps your morning blood sugars. Good luck. Take one day at a time. This is a lifetime change!!

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