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Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy??

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Hi all,
Just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else has any success stories if they've experienced what is happening with me, chronic pain and numbness after a Bone Marrow Biopsy.

On 4/1/22 I had a bone marrow biopsy on my right iliac crest due to chronic low white blood cells over the past 4 years. Thankfully they were able to rule out blood cancers, however I’ve now been left with severe pain starting from the middle of my glute down my leg. The pain sometimes turns to numbness and weakness, causing me to walk with a limp. It’s been a difficult adjustment as before this I was a very active person, working out 4-5x a week.
After the surgery I was told they had to try 3 times for marrow, which would increase recovery time. I’ve heard multiple attempts aren’t that abnormal though. I was not given much instruction on how long recovery would be, the Dr doing the attempt said it would be 1-2 days recovery and I could workout.

A week and a half later: I was still in pain but since I waited more than the recommended time, I tried a light run and some rowing. I had to stop due to the pain. Soon after (or maybe I missed it), a lump developed right above the biopsy incision site. It looked like bone sticking out. I called the onocologists office who performed the biopsy and was told to get imaging due.
2 and a half weeks since biopsy- ER Visit: I went to the ER and had an x-ray done, no bone fracture. A bedside ultrasound was done and I was told it was a hematoma with sciatica and sent home with stretches to do and Flexeril. The stretches make things worse and cause my leg to go even more numb.
4 weeks after biopsy- Followup to PCP: I was given a 5 day supply of presnidone and some more Flexeril since I told the dr that motrin seems to help a little. I tried this with not much relief. I had a CT scan done with and without contrast- nothing abnormal found.
5 weeks after biopsy- Oncologist followup: Oncologist reviewed the CT scan, xrays, looked at the lump which is actually a little bit smaller now. In his experience he said he’s never seen long lasting nerve pain but didn’t want to rule it out. He told me to try physical therapy.
6 weeks after- PT: Did some basic stretches and exercises, they seemed stumped but said I could try any exercise as long as it didn’t hurt.
At home I tried some light biking on my spin bike and a few hours later 95% of the pain moved to my lower back.. my leg felt better! I told this to PT and they said the pain is localizing. A week later they had me try squats and the pain returned to my leg, and my back is still in pain.
I’m stumped. I got a prescription for Celebrex now in hopes something can tame the inflammation. I know its only been 7 weeks, but the pain and loss of function is really impacting things and the lack of clarity from my drs has me feel a bit hopeless. I see a chiropractor tomorrow and get the prescription filled in.
Even thought it feels like sciatica sounds, it doesn’t seem to add up. I’ve been icing, using heat compresses, lots of anti inflammatories, stretches, limiting walking, increasing walking, etc (all with regular intervals, not all at once).
Sorry for the lengthiness, I hope someone is able to get something from this, or if you have and advice please let me know.

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@gonlee1, I appreciate all the details of your post. It sure sounds like you've pursued all avenues to get to the bottom of what is going on and to get back to your normal level of activity. I moved your message to this existed discussion:

– Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy?? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/delayed-pain-after-bone-marrow-biopsy/

I did this so you can connect with @dazlin @snacker1206 and @lea123 who have had similar issues and hopefully will have updates about their experiences.

It sounds like you've got a good physical therapist and that you are dedicated to consistently doing the exercises prescribed. I know it's frustrating, but PT can take a long time to resolve issues. Dedication and consistency along with determination are your best tools. I hope others have more suggestions. I really hope continued PT, Celebrex and the chiropractor help.

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