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Practising mindfulness:
I still dont get it, so that I tried the guided ones, free on you tube but the voice creeps me out. So i tried the ones for children (I am desperate to start asap) I was able to finish their 5min one, although i had to pause to change position. Congratulations to me! Thank you all for your advise. The guided ones are helpful.

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Why not try tai chi? Once you've learned a basic routine you can get into a zone doing it that's meditative. There are YouTube videos or at your library. Also the Arthritis Foundation that has a free or very low cost program and will help you find one in your area. It really is a great alternative.

@my46th, you have every right to be proud of completing the 5 minute guided mindful meditation for children. I love the children mindfulness exercises. I used to do them with my daughter before bedtime. She was an anxious child. We always started with her picking her color. As she focused on her color, I guided her to hang her worries in the worry tree. They didn’t need her attention any more that day. Then she took out her imaginary key to go into her secret garden… you get the picture.

Thank you for bringing back that lovely memory for me.

There are worthy mindful meditations that can be as short as 2 minutes. I agree that the voice has to be appealing or else the purpose is defeated.

What time of day did you do the meditation? How did you feel afterwards?

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