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@jart, I would like to bring @gingerw @justnate @loribmt and @packgb19 into this discussion to help answer your questions or even to help you to formulate questions to ask the cancer care team.

I can see that you are concerned about the treatment protocol being "only" watchful waiting. I prefer to refer to this as active surveillance. Watching waiting doesn't mean do nothing. Instead it refers to not administering treatment that could potentially do more harm than good in the early stages of a condition that may progress very slowly.

Did you discuss the blood and urine tests with the doctor yet?

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“Watchful waiting” is a term used sometimes in prostate cancer. So I know, if that’s the outcome this time, it means only that there will be regular checkups for the time being.

Doc appt with hematologist tomorrow. Am sure he’ll address all of it. Up til now, we’ve been going thru extensive testing with neurologist (Dysautonomia diagnosis along with B12 deficiency anemia). She’s now turning all other results back over to hematology.