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Have u found any help? I've been going on 4 yrs also and I've seen 6 different drs at Mayo and they just dismiss me. I think they just don't want to deal with it. I begged my primary for the medicine albendazole cuz I've tried everything else without a prescription and he wouldn't. They are in every part of my body now and getting to end of dealing with this alone. I have probably 1000 pics and are pretty disturbing. I don't know how I've lasted thru this without losing it totally. I am going to a different emergency ward in the next couple days. Sick of trying to be my own surgeon and wearing gloves 24/7. I have found I was contaminating my own food by touching it with bare hands. I will try and let u know what happens.

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I should add that those hairs are a form of them. They change into thicker worms. I think they are hookworms. I'm not sure where I got them. They cause sores and if I don't cut them out in time they change to other things which I'm not sure exactly just very painful and disgusting.

Anything ever found or diagnosed? I’m going through the same , it’s ruined my life for over 2 years