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Basal Cell Carcinoma on Leg

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@cmcp First, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I'm glad to see you have been reading the discussions here and found useful information. Back in younger years, you and I were probably part of the same generation who worshipped the sun. Like you, I didn't lay out, but I did a lot of outdoor activities, with no thought to sunscreen.

After dealing with the various skin cancer issues, I now apply a sunscreen everyday, regardless of the weather. Careful to wash my face and hands thoroughly every night before bed. I use a hat to provide as much shade as possible, too. Long sleeves. Staying out of the sun's strongest hours, remembering that even if it is foggy/overcast there is still a UV risk. Don't forget your hands for sunscreen, too. I often wear lightweight white cotton gloves. You will need to make that decision about long sleeves or short sleeves with sunscreen!

My melanoma was on right forearm. Squamous on forehead and left eyebrow. Nodular basal cell near right collarbone. Precancers various places on face/ears/arms.

Hope this helps? Enjoy your trip to Disney – Florida or California?

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Thank you for replying, Ginger. We are going to Florida! It is a dream of mine to go with the kids and grandkids – I’m so excited. These diagnoses kicked me in the gut a bit, finding out pretty much right before we go but I know I’ll still have fun. Just trying to balance comfort with safety in the heat and humidity there. You say careful to wash your hands and face at night – can you expound upon that, please? Is it due to chemical sunscreen concerns or something else?

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