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Sudden Hearing Loss: Want to connect with others

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Thank you so much for your words! I first felt failed because no one told me or acted like sudden hearing loss was a medical emergency as it clearly is. Even I didn't realize it. I was concerned but everyone around me either thought it was allergies or that it would clear up in a few days like a cold. Then once I made it to the ENT he offered zero information or help outside of prescribing the steroids or performing the injections. He should be aware of the difference between gradual hearing loss and sudden hearing loss, as well as tinnitus and loudness hyperacusis. If he's not willing to spend time counseling and educating and offering options (should be) he should at least have info handouts to share. ALL the info I received was thru my own research on the internet. It's so much more than suddenly not hearing thru 1 ear. It's the changes your brain makes in response. The tinnitus that often occurs, the sensitivity to sound that springs up in your good ear, the loss of directionality which breeds fear. The shock, disbelief and grief. Also because the info just isn't out there I had friends & family saying "no worries, just get a hearing aid, my husband-brother-friend have one, works great, I'll get you the name of it. Lots of people I know wear hearing aids and they are so small you can't even see them. Get over it. Want to meet for lunch?" Hearing loss is hearing loss but I keep having to explain that when it happens suddenly there are differences, at least initially. Without the internet and forums like these I don't know what I would have done. It takes time. It has been almost 3 months since it happened to me and while I've given up on treatments I am aggressively pursuing info, acceptance, options to help me hear as well as possible, and the courage to get back out there among the living. I thank you all for sharing. It helps a lot.

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It sounds as if you are dealing with it. You're seeking information and are willing to talk about it. Keep that up.

There are hearing aids that are called bi-cross hearing instruments. Bi-cross transfers sound from the 'bad' side to the 'good' side via BlueTooth technology. That provides bilateral hearing so minimizes the issue of not knowing where sound is coming from. It also helps socially because you don't have to constantly be turning your 'good' ear to the person you want to hear.

If your 'good' ear is truly GOOD, this may be of possible help to you. Did anyone tell you about bi-cross hearing instruments?