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Hot flashes with kidney transplant recipients

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@westlove718 Wow, you really just got your brand new kidney!! 😊 Exciting!
Yes, I have hot flashes all the time too. I live in warm South Florida, I am over a 60 years old woman, and I take the anti-rejection immune suppression drugs too. I think your body will continue to adjust to the new immune suppression drugs and some of your drugs like Valcyte will probably come off in a few months. Will you continue on Prednisone or will they be weaning you off that drug in a few months?
I always take a nice cold shower in the evening and chill down my bedroom before I go to sleep. I also keep the air conditioning running on high during the day and a have a cold drink of water often. Have you portaled your transplant nurse to get her thoughts on your hot flashes? It sounds to me like you are having the perfect storm of early menopause and your new drugs (and the weather is getting warmer too!) I think your body will ultimately adjust to all of this and all will be well, but it's always a good idea to just double check any questions with transplant.

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Yes very exciting! My eldest brother donated to me. I’m only 36 but my long time friend Lupus Nephritis finally caught up to my kidneys. I’m down to 5mg on the Prednisone but hey haven’t mentioned removing it yet I’ve been on it since I was 14. There are about 3 medications they did mention removing over 3 months , 6 months and a year. Yeah I will definitely be discussing these hot flashes with the transplant team this week at my appointment. I’m in NY and it’s about 60 and still chilly. I don’t like the cold and my room is the coldest in the house.. but once I snuggle under the blanket I get warm. My skin is cold but I’m burning up it sounds insane! I do put cold rags in my body at night to try to help and I too keep a cold glass of water on my night stand as well.
I sure hope it adjusts soon it’s the last thing I need disrupting my sleep.
I don’t think they’ve created a treatment for hot flashes yet 😁.