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I feel like I'm dying

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This happened to me back in 2012. I'm pretty much back to normal now. At the time, I did feel like I was dying. There were so many tests done on me which all came back fine. They never really figured out what was wrong with me. There were speculations of Fibromyalgia, Auto Immune disease, and Low Thyroid. I did have low Vitamin D, and started taking a Vitamin D supplement for that. Even though I didn't have much energy, I started doing Zumba. That was a Godsend. I was already eating pretty healthy, but I cut out all gluten, and that seemed to help as well. Slowly but surely I became myself again. I am much older than you, about to be 50 in September. I don't know if my case had anything to do with Pre-Menopause. Nevertheless, try eliminating gluten, sodas, don't eat too many sweets, drink plenty of water, and exercise every day. That's what worked for me. Good luck!!

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I read your post and I’m having the exact same symptoms. They hit me about 4 weeks ago. I’ve been to the ER 4 times and they pregnancy test and did a CT on my head, blood work everything came back normal. I’m a lot younger then you I’ll be 22 in a couple weeks. The first couple weeks were the worst, I actually felt like I was about to die. Scared my Boyfriend and family, I’m going on the fourth week, I’m still having Dizzyness stomach and chest/neck pains that bring me to having to sit and be still. I’ll have times throughout the day where I feel alittle normal, like (me) wants to break through this. I just haven’t been able to shake it off. So my question is when did you start feeling like YOU again? Please reply when you can!

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