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Myofascial Pain Sydrome

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That is 18 years as a dental assistant, duh!!

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I had triggerpoint injs for my myofascial it helped but when I went back to the same type of work enviroment my pain returned and just got worse, my PM doc said I have to avoid what is causing the symptoms. My PCP wants to but me on fibrom medication. I have not strarted it yet the side effects sound really bad, I think I would perfer to just deal with the discomfort. I have been off work for almost two months, docs orders, to give the muscles time to relax.

I go to a Very knowledgeable massage therapist who does myofacial release. Afterwards I have to drink lots of water because I can feel so many toxins released from my body. I never thought that a massage was anything but relaxing but a real professional can work at the source of the pain.

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