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Myofascial Pain Sydrome

Posted by @spookycat99, Jan 25, 2012

Anybody have a good regime for dealing with the pain? Very similar to Fibro but the pain targets specific areas of the body. Mine is neck and migraine. 18 as dental assistant and now can no longer work.



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Posted by @spookycat99, Jan 25, 2012

That is 18 years as a dental assistant, duh!!


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Posted by @jens, Mar 9, 2012

I had triggerpoint injs for my myofascial it helped but when I went back to the same type of work enviroment my pain returned and just got worse, my PM doc said I have to avoid what is causing the symptoms. My PCP wants to but me on fibrom medication. I have not strarted it yet the side effects sound really bad, I think I would perfer to just deal with the discomfort. I have been off work for almost two months, docs orders, to give the muscles time to relax.


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Posted by @anon23196385, May 4, 2013

I go to a Very knowledgeable massage therapist who does myofacial release. Afterwards I have to drink lots of water because I can feel so many toxins released from my body. I never thought that a massage was anything but relaxing but a real professional can work at the source of the pain.


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Posted by @aglassofsherry, Mar 20, 2012

I just read a book about trigger point therapy by Clair Davies and am ready to try it out. I , too, have Myofascial pain syndrome and just finished 6 weeks of pt stretching and self Myofascial release exercises.I feel a little better and am desiring to get completely out of pain. I am still working as a Rsp teacher and take ibuprofen for pain most of the time,Tramedol when severe. Hope you can get some relief!


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Posted by @emilyfrancis, Apr 28, 2012

I was just diagnosed when I thought I had a torn rotator cuff that happened when I was working on the airplane. Before I read what the mayo clinic had to say about this and your posting I thought I was going to be just fine! I can’t tke motrin or asprin because of kidney disease and tramadol ,aleve,demoral and even oxycondone do nothing for the pain. I have been doing my pt exercises and using heat and a tens unit but I must say Im still very much in pain! Also now I am thinking it’s not going to be as simple as I thought!
Thank you!

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