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Granuloma Annulare: Any ideas for treatment?

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I have had this condition for 25 years now. It first started out as a small spot on the top of my foot and over the last 25 years has spread all over my legs and upper arms. It is unsightly but causes no pain. Everything I have read on this all says the same--no know cause and no real cure. I've been to several doctors with all the same results. They say with some people, it will go away but mine has never gone away. I have taken the attitude that "it could be worse" !

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Unsightly is the key word. You sound like you have a very good attitude about this.Do you wear clothes to cover up or do you even worry about it? I just get tired of people asking "what's that?" Also, where I live, its hard to cover up when its so blooming Hot. Thanks for your reply. May God bless you richly!

I have developed this also. I am interested in my own experiment at this point. My torso and legs are covered up in this disease. I am trying something (possibly silly) but trying.... It is skin related, so I am shaving an area on one leg to see if I can tell if anything changes. I, in my mind, wonder if the rash can be exposed to fresh air and new skin by removing the old dead skin by shaving with a plain old razor. I shave my one leg that has a heavy concentration of the rash every few days, just like I would shave my legs any other time. I would like to get other folks to try this. I have been doing this for several weeks now. It may be in my head but it looks like the redness has diminished. I am on a mission as this stuff is spreading down my arms and my legs. I figure it cant hurt. After all the lady that created post-it glue was just trying something simple.