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Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain in kids

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To concerned mom….when I read this it was like it was written about my son…he has been going through the same thing since Memorial Day 2012. He swallowed pool water and I just thought that he was sick from that…although he has not gotten better and its over 7 mos later…he usually awakens between 4-6 am vomiting and then has diarrhea. They have tested for all the same things except for the milk allergy, and only because he wont eat any of the white foods he is supposed to eat 24 hours prior to the test. He has an upper endoscopy scheduled next week. The doctor has diagnosed and is treating him for Cyclic vomiting syndrome, but I dont think thats whats wrong. This happens at least once a month, goes away and comes back. Any suggestions for me. My son is VERY thin as well..he is 9 yrs old and only 48 pounds

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Hi, other concerned mom, and thanks for posting! We JUST got back from our week at Mayo Clinic. It took us a year to get in, so if you haven’t filled out an app yet, do so! We found out that our daughter has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and a fructose malabsorption. (She also had two Clostridium difficile [C. diff.] infections last year that really complicated everything, but she’s fine now.) You can read about POTS on this site, but it’s basically an autonomic nervous system disorder. Hers manifests as dizzyness, fatigue, occasional headache, nausea/vomiting, and weakness. Sort of like you feel when you first get the flu. Prognosis is good! Exercise, lots of water, and lots of salt. I have read about cyclic vomiting, but we didn’t have it because the nausea/vomiting never went away. I understand it comes and goes, so that diagnosis MIGHT be right. Does migraine medication help? But it could be POTS! You can learn more at http://www.dinet.org and click on the POTS link. Our daughter vomited at night a LOT.

Have you tested him for C. diff? I do know C. diff. (the bacterial gut infection) can be very hard to catch, as there are many ways to test for it. It is a killer–not for kids but often for seniors–and it makes you want to die. MISERABLE. Our GI told me the gold standard test is the “cytotoxin B” test, but I believe they always test for A and B toxins together. I read a paper that said you should get the culture test, too, as this is most reliable. Well, I requested that, and the cytotoxin B test came back positive in a couple hours. The culture test took a few days and was also positive. Not all labs test with the same protocols, so you have be very aggressive and demand multiple types of tests, especially the toxin test.

The fructose test is fairly easy and the positive result was a surprise (and a bummer–it’s in every food group!) but she is on a restricted diet for 4-6 wks, then we can slowly reintroduce it. Are you a Mayo patient? If you are, you can call the Barbara Lips Patient Info Center and ask them to do research for you. If you want to chat by email, please send a private message. Please don’t hesitate to write me, I feel for your son–and you! This is a very tough thing to get through. Many many people helped us,I’d love to help you if I can!

Again, don’t be shy–private message me!

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