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My stomach makes me look pregnant.

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So as you can see the first two pictures in my red nightgown are from just 15 minutes ago… Looking pretty pregnant to me! However, my boyfriend and I have been together 8 years, he has a vasectomy, so I’m 99.9% sure I’m not pregnant.. the last picture you see is my stomach just a couple months ago. All of a sudden i feel like I have swallowed a bowling ball, it’s hard uncomfortable and gets cramps( almost like strings are being streamed inside of me, which are very painful). It’s hard to breath, it’s very hard and I full on look 8 months pregnant ! Wish it was pregnancy, but I’m pretty positive I AM NOT. I eat fairly healthy never been obese or severely over weight. I am 28, 5’5 and now weigh 180LBS. I got sick and was barely eating however I gained weight and stomach keeps growing!? 😭 someone help me…

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Hi, @stacy1989 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

You'll note I merged your post with this discussion, "My Stomach Makes Me Look Pregnant," in hopes that others like @hemanth @jakesheart @sevey41 @iamshaynenicole @tigerarmani @gailg and @rosemarya might join in and offer some input with your hard, uncomfortable stomach you feel makes you look 8 months pregnant. @piper34 and @darlia may also have some thoughts.

@stacy1989 – wondering if you've had the chance to consult with your doctor about your stomach? If so, what did he or she say about it?

@stacy1989 – thinking of you and wondering how it's going with your stomach?

@stacy1989 – did you ever figure out what was making your stomach bulge out like that? I look the exact same way – and the other night I was out dancing at a show when a women literally gave me a death stare then made a motion of having a pregnant belly and shook her head and finger at me 🙁 It is large and taught – I've never been overweight in my life – until now I'm pushing 180 – when I'm usually 145-155, I'm 33yo not on birth control, just got my 10th negative pregnancy test of the last 6 months – clearly even doctors think it's a pregnancy 🙁 5'9" – I have an ultrasound of my abdomen on Monday – will report back any notable findings then 🙂