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A year and 3 months ago I had my MVD. I’m living in hell. I’ve been to Mayo Clinic plus many other hospitals and I still haven’t gotten any relief. Every day my incision area jaw and ear Pain is devastating. I have no plan anymore, where to go I want to do. I medicate and it’s still not enough. If I knew this operation was going to turn out like this I would’ve never gotten it.

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I am so very sorry to learn about your situation with TN
Mine is the least common: the oftalmic brunch but o also get the electric shocks and the billion pins and needles attacks in my cheek and lip.
I only got relief to the point of being able to tolerate the attacks, with a pain pump that delivers a potent pain killer called dilaudid
The dose is minimal because it goes directly into my brain through a catheter
Would you be able to at least ask your doctors if that wouid be an option for you?
In my case my neurosurgeon decided on it after three admissions through the ER with a pain so severe that I was given an IV immediately and admitted immediately
Good luck wishes from my heart !

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