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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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I fell in stairs that were not carpeted injuring my pudendal nerve Thanksgiving 2018. I have burning pain, like a hot poker up my buty 24/7. I sit on ice all day, can't go anywhere, basically housebound. I've been to 17 drs from New Hampshire to Boston to Manhattan to Baltimore where I has surgery that was supposed to move the entrapped nerve and fix it. It did zero and cost me $25,000, NOT COVERED. I have had 4 different kind of blocks, none of which worked. I had DRG stimulation that disconnected fron the nerve before I even got in recovery room. I have been to every kind of doctor who works in this area with zero results. I'm now going to try DRG stim again but he will place 3 leads and he is hoping one or 2 will stay connected. If this does not work, I will kill myself. No other e way out.

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I had this for 14 years and sat on a donut and cried a lot. Please try anti-seizure medicine. It worked in 2 weeks. My PT at the time told me she had heard it works. I believe it was Topamx. Ask!

Hi @clashganny, I can hear the desparation in your message. Living with constant burning pain must be near unbearable and you're at the end of your rope. I hope you have seen the multiple responses from several members to your first post. We're hear to offer support.

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When will you have the DRG reconnected?

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