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Hello. I so relate with your post. My husband recently was diagnosed with FTD. I am struggling on every level. We live in a very rural area so resources for caregivers are limited and involve traveling a distance. Finding support is going to be crucial for my survival! I would be glad to listen and share with others in similar situations.

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I am going to get a contact point for you of people who are caregivers and then a site on facebook for people who caregive family with FTD. A great resource is also https://www.theaftd.org
.Do you have reliable internet access and where do you live? I will send further info shortly. You are not alone!

One possible resource is friends, relatives, and neighbors who say "Let me know if there is anything I can do to help." Usually they aren't only trying to be polite, they really would like to help if they could. BE READY WITH A REPLY! At your leisure, think of what they might be able to do. Could you come over once a week from 9am to noon to be a companion with my spouse while I can do grocery shopping or other errands? If I can count on that for example every Wednesday, I can schedule my medical, dental, and counseling appointments for that time. Or you might think of other things they could do like taking your spouse out for a hair cut. And maybe you don't need to wait for them to ask again if they've offered to help before; give them a call!