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I have come to think that actual physical pressure from air in my GI tract, against my heart, is my main trigger. I am always reclining and always in the evening. The solution might be a big burp if I could!

My heart rate is erratic too so I know just how you feel. My highest was 180 but it bounced around.

The old CHADS score made female gender one of the factors but they took that off! I don't have high blood pressure etc.

Noone seems to know how long you have to be in afib to have stroke risk. The study on short term anti-coagulation was for people who were in afib more than 5.5 hours.

Do you have an electrophysiologist?

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No, I don’t have an electrophysiologist, just an excellent cardiologist at present. But your electrophysiologist question does open up a whole other series of confusing questions. For example, my cardiologist, who prescribed the Flecainide and metoprolol I’m taking now (lowest doses on both), talked me into taking them against my strongest wishes not to take meds saying, “at least they will give you a couple years of improved lifestyle.” So his statement and plenty I have been researching does suggest that these kinds of meds stop being effective after a while. On the other hand, I have seen statements on blogs like this from folks who have been taking these same meds for many years with ongoing good results. Similarly, I have seen plenty of comments that suggest the drugs are definitely temporary and that the only true fix is ablation or something similar, with lots of advice saying to skip the drugs and seek ablation right away. My present thought is to continue with the drugs for another few weeks to see if I can tolerate them better with time, since I feel like I have a moderate case of the flu with them. Then, I think I will seek referral to an electrophysiologist who is heavily experienced with ablations, if I can find one, and see what he or she has to say about my situation.

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