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Problem with Chronic constipation

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Hi, I’ve been on this site forever but you are more similar to me. I was told and scheduled for a total colectomy last September. I couldn’t do it. I had cervical spine surgery March 2020 with 3 fusions when my bowels completely stopped. I’ve tried every drug and I’ve had every test. I’m also clinical hypothyroidism . When I was 40, now 67 they found a pituitary tumor. So for years on and off thyroid meds. My tsh slightly was elevated. Some docs thought don’t need meds others disagreed so on and off. Well now on because of constipation. I hate it. Never gained weight before the meds but always gain when on so if it doesn’t stop I’m going off. Due to colon severe motility I’m no sugar, no dairy and no grains. No reason to gain weight. I walk, ride an recumbent bike and jump on a trampoline. I was told it could get things in my colon moving, absolutely nothing. I get colonic cleanses, visceral massage and pelvic floor PT, nothing.
Weekly I do a cleanse as if I’m going for a colonoscopy. Yes, I hate it. It takes away two days from me. I’ve tried all prescription drugs, nothing. I’ve tried OTC drugs, very little success. I did get recommended Mag07 which is a natural form of mag with potassium. I take it nightly, 4 pills. I have some days it does work. I only pass diarrhea never passing formed stools since 2020 but I will never have the surgery. Maybe try mag07. I was hoping thyroid med would help but since November on the med my tsh is elevated. Makes no sense. Hope you find something because I know how you feel. My life is wrapped around taking my laxatives before I find myself in trouble. All the best, Joanne

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Thank you for sharing. My new primary physician whom I met last week suggested that during my surgery 5 years ago nerves may have been severed that serve the colon.
That is the first logical explanation I have received since meeting my gastroenterologist.
Like you, I plan when I will take a natural laxative and stay home the next day.
I see my GI on April 4th, I will post what he says. He is rather dismissive. My new PCP put in a request to my insurance for a second opinion referral to a different GI . So frustrating. Like you, I work out, hike, drink lots of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, etc., etc. Nothing! So frustrating. Doctors don't get how much this changes quality of life.

Did you consider seeing a gi that specializes in motility? Just a thought. Also, after years of doctors throwing meds at my constipation with less than great results and my 30 years of constant migraines, I gave into my daughter’s nagging and scheduled an apt with a naturopath. I figured one more opinion couldn’t hurt.

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